Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween is a lot of fun.  Costumes, parties, trick or treating, decorations and so many more ways to celebrate.  Enjoy the holiday and keep in mind it is also a time to keep an eye on our furry friends.  

For some pets, Halloween is exciting and fun. For other pets Halloween can be stressful.  For any pet the events can even be dangerous. Here are some tips on ways to be prepared and look out for the safety of your pets.

  • Plan How to Keep them Under Control: doors are opening and closing, doorbells ringing, and so much activity.  Have a plan for how you can prevent dogs or cats from running out the door.
  • Reduce Stress: know your dog and decide if they are best placed in their crate or a quiet place during the festivities. Some dogs love the busy time, while others find it stressful.
  • No Candy or Chocolate: Chocolate can be fatal to your dog. Contact a veterinarian if your pet consumes chocolate. Xylitol is also toxic to pets and is commonly used in sugar free foods like candy and gum and should be avoided.  In addition to the candy itself, wrappers can cause issues so keep an eye on your pet at home and if there are items on the ground during a walk.
  • Be Mindful of Pet Costume Choices: When selecting a costume keep a few tips in mind: watch for dangling parts that can be chewed off and swallowed, watch for costumes that may overheat the pet, and ensure it won't impair their vision or breathing. Finally, do not leave your pet unattended when wearing a costume.
  • Keep Pets Indoors for the night: you don’t want them to run away from your yard out of fear so keep them inside for the night.

 This is just a small list of tips.  Visit websites such as the American Kennel Club www.akc.com or the Humane Society of the United States www.humanesociety.org for additional tips and details. 

As a proactive measure, consider an AirTag collar like our Big Apple or Orchard collar and leash sets for dogs, and the new Candy Apple collar for cats.  Add an AirTag and use the Find My Device locator for a quick way to determine where they are if you aren't sure - they might hiding indoors or outdoors!

Also check that the microchip information for your pet is up to date in case the microchip is needed.  

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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