About us

What we do...

Tails and Tweed was started based on a life-long love of pets to provide high quality products that bring style and design to the forefront.  Our products support today's lifestyle with pets, and we have a strong drive for value which we deliver through high quality, practical and functional products.

We offer alternative products to the big box stores, which are functional but often lacking in design and style especially for your home.  Tails and Tweed was created to provide these products in a way that will enhance your home, the lifestyle of your pets and your total life with pets


Our guiding principles ...

Style - we provide products with aligned with current trends and looks that are more styled than the typical big-box store options.  Our products are more tailored, more modern, and just generally more stylized.
Quality - we provide high quality products that have superior performance to cheaper options.  As our products are designed and produced, we look for opportunities to enhance quality.  We personally test all our products to ensure they meet our stringent requirements.
Function - we provide value based on quality and function.  Design and quality are important, but the functionality is key to provide strong Value.  What we sell must effectively fulfil the function it is designed for, which are typically practical and useful items.
Service - we work to ensure a great experience for our customers.  This is the cornerstone our business.  Our customers deserve reliable service for the delivery of products, and reliable support after purchase.  Our quality and value commitment are expressed through service, not just the products we sell.


Who we are...

I spent many years as an executive in the corporate world and decided to take the business knowledge acquired over the years and apply it to a business that includes my various interests of pets, home design and ecommerce.  

We are based in Flower Mound, Texas, but I am originally from Canada.  My family includes my husband and 4 kids, as well as our furry friends - our dogs Max and Willow, our cat Jetta, and 2 guinea pigs, Bear and Maple.

Please be a part of our story...

We hope you enjoy our products and encourage you to send us feedback and suggestions for what else you would like to see in our store.  Join our mailing list for new product announcements and for upcoming events and sales.