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The Candy Apple AirTag Collar for Cats

The Candy Apple AirTag Collar for Cats

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An AirTag collar for your Cat!  

Keep track of your cat with an Apple AirTag and this customized cat collar.  Whether your cat is taking a daily wander, or if your cat gets loose and is missing, the AirTag device in the cat collar will help you locate your cat quickly and easily.

A great everyday collar with a cute cat face clasp, and a removable bell. The AirTag holder can be easily removed when you don't need it.  

Add the AirTag and holder at times when your cat is at greater risk of running away:

  • When you move
  • When travelling with your cat
  • During busy holidays like Halloween and 4th of July 
  • During parties and times when they might run out
  • When a cat sitter is watching your pet

Available in 5 great colors.   Adjustable length to fit your cat.

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  • Pet Tracking feature - add an AirTag to the custom sized holder and use the Find Me function on your iPhone. The AirTag compartment is fastened with a screw to keep the device securely fastened in the collar (screwdriver included).
  • Removable Airtag Holder - the custom AirTag holder slips over the end of the collar and is held with a strong elastic band. Remove the holder when not needed and continue using the collar.
  • Easy clean - easy care nylon can be rinsed and washed when needed.
  • Added safety - collars include reflective band around the full length of the collar increasing visibility for your cat.
  • Find me bell - collars come with a coordinating bell so you hear your cat around the house. The bell can be removed if desired.



  • One-size for all cats
  • Collar expands from 6 3/4" to 11" in length

Using an Apple AirTag: You can purchase an Apple AirTag from Apple or at many electronics stores.  Apple Support online provides information about setting up the AirTag if you need help (here is a current link  Use the Find My app on your Apple device to track the AirTag movement.  The Find My device function works based on other Apple device near the tag to receive and send the signal.  In a very remote area where there are few people, like a backwoods hike, it may be harder to track the airtag.  There are articles online that can provide more details regarding the AirTags and how they work.

Setup and Instructions

Link to AirTag installation video:

Note: AirTags are not included with the collars.

Installation of the AirTag:

A screwdriver is included with your collar to open the AirTag holder and slip in the device. Use this link to AirTag installation video: for detailed instructions, if needed.

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