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AirTag Reflective Collar & Leash Combo for Dog Safety (S-XL)

AirTag Reflective Collar & Leash Combo for Dog Safety (S-XL)

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Premium nylon collar and leash set for use with an Apple AirTag dog tracker. Use your phone to locate your dog.

Matching leash includes reflective stitching along the full length to ensure added visibility of your dog while walking at night. A soft lining covers the complete inside of the collar for your dog's comfort. The same soft fabric is used for the handle on the leash for your comfort.

Note: AirTags are not included with the collars.

Key Features

Don't buy your dog a standard collar when you can have the added security of using an AirTag for dog tracking. Like a dog gps tracker, the AirTag shows the location on a map. Great if your pup gets lost or if you just want to check up on their whereabouts.

CUSTOM APPLE AIRTAG HOLDER - securely fasten an AirTag in the customized leather holder that fastens tight with a screw. Snug fit so the air tag won't fall out. Perfect for tracking your dog at any time. [custom screwdriver included with the collar]

SIZES FOR SMALL TO LARGE DOGS - collars come in 4 sizes to fit small, medium and large dogs. (S 12-14.5"; M 15-17.5"; L 17-19"; and XL 18-21"). Measure your dog's neck before you order to ensure a good fit. All leashes are 50" long which provides control when walking your dog.

REFLECTIVE STITCHING - added safety with both the collar and leash having reflective stitching. Collar also has reflective edges for additional protection. Great for walking at night and in low light.

PREMIUM MATERIAL - superior heavy nylon with a luxurious sheen on the collar and leash to look great. Neoprene lining on the collar prevents chafing on the neck, and the neoprene handle on the leash provides a comfortable grip even when your dog may be tugging. Leather AirTag holder provides durability with a quality material.

EASY CLEAN - easy care nylon can be rinsed and washed for those days when your dog is playing hard and gets a little muddy.

[Note: The AirTag is not included with the collar.]



  • Collar: S, M, L, XL (see size chart below for measurements)
  • Leash: one-size 50”

Finding the right size: Using a measuring tape, place it around the dog’s neck with 2 fingers inside (see below for details) and record the measurement to get a length.  Buy a collar within the size range so you can adjust the size on the dog. For example, if your measurement is 16 inches, buy the Medium sized collar that is 15 to 17 ½" inch length.  This leaves room for adjustment. Consider checking the length of an existing collar as an alternative.  There are many tutorials on YouTube for additional assistance.

Fitting a collar: A good rule of thumb is for the collar to fit 2 fingers between the collar and the animal’s neck.  Too tight and it might choke the dog, or too loose and the dog can easily slip out.  When fitting a long-haired breed, push down the fur as much as possible to get the right fit. 

Setup Instructions

Note: AirTags are not included with the collars.

Installation of the AirTag:

A screwdriver is included with your collar to open the AirTag holder and slip in the device. Use this link to AirTag installation video: for detailed instructions, if needed.

Using an Apple AirTag:

You can purchase an Apple AirTag from Apple directly or at many electronics stores.  Apple Support Online provides information about setting up the AirTag if you need help (here is a current link 

iPhones: Use the Find My app on your Apple device to track the AirTag movement.  The Find My device function works based on other Apple device near the tag to receive and send the signal.  In a very remote area where there are few people, like a backwoods hike, it may be harder to track the Air Tag.  There are many articles online that can provide additional details regarding the AirTags and how they work.

Android: Use the Tracker Detect app for similar functionality.. Use this link to AirTag installation video: for detailed instructions, if needed.

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Technology for Your Dog

The Modern Dog Collection AirTag Collar

  • 1. Secure AirTag Compartment

    Don't lose the AirTag!. Leather AirTag holder uses a metal screw to securely hold in the AirTag.

  • 2. Reflective Collar AND Leash

    Increased visibility in low light conditions with reflective stitching on the full length of the leash plus collar.

  • 3. Soft Lining in Collar and Leash Handle

    Comfort for your dog and your hand with neoprene padded lining on the collar and leash handle.

  • 4. Avoid a Tangled Leash

    No uncomfortable twisting with the 360-degree swivel head design bolt clasp.

Should you use an AirTag to track a pet?

Even wearing an AirTag, there is no guarantee that the pet will be found which is where the reluctance to declare AirTags a "pet finder" comes in. However, a combination of methods to locate your per provides the best protection.

Use MICROCHIPS + AIRTAG COLLARS to cover different situations whereby your dog can be lost.

  • The AirTag Collar provides an immediate location tracker for a quick pickup.
  • The Microchip provides a backup method if the AirTag collar is missing.

Read our blog for a more detailed discussion on the topic. AirTag Tracker Post


  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    AMAZING collar and leash set!

    We love our pink Big Apple Dog Collar Leash Set! The collar and leash are extremely durable and designed for safety, comfort and style. We have so much peace of mind knowing that our fur baby is not only microchipped, but also connected to an AirTag. The interior of the collar and leash handle are soft and cushioned, making our walks so much easier! The feature I love most about this set is the ring connecting the collar and leash - we have had zero issues with the leash wrapping around our pup! This is by far the best collar and leash set we've used (and we've been through a lot!). I definitely recommend this collar and leash set!

    Cyra C.

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Well made, durable and vibrant colors. Love the option to add an Apple Air Tag. True to size. Great product!!

    Tiffany T.

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    These are great! I love mine. Stylish AND it gives me peace of mind.

    Laura M.

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Why Use an AirTag Collar?

For specific events or everyday, an AirTag on your dog will provide peace of mind that you will always know where your dog is. If your pup goes missing, find him fast with the tracking app and reduce the worry for you and your family.

  • For the Escape Artist

    Did someone leave the gate open?  Dogs can be gone before we even realize there is a problem.  Not knowing how long they have been gone or what direction they went makes the search a difficult process.

  • For the Traveller

    Dogs are family too and often come on our family Get-Aways.  Whether it is a visit to the grandparents, or a vacation destination, if your dog gets away from you in an unfamiliar place it can be difficult for them to find you.  

  • For the Mover

    Moving can be a highly stressful time for dogs.  Moving day can be scary with people coming and going.  We have all heard the story of the dog walking hundreds of miles to get back to their previous home.